Friday, May 28, 2010

Introducing: NEAT SONG FRIDAY!

It is Friday. Ready for a nap? Ready to have some weekend fun? What if you heard a real neat song? Heck, what if you heard a real neat song EVERY Friday. Well you're in luck. Starting this week, every Friday I will post one real neat song to carry you through your weekend, and maybe even Monday.
I will have no preconceived notions for the neat song, only that it will be damn good, which brings me to my first entry!

The thing I love about Sweden's sister duo First Aid Kit is that they are [very] young (17 and 19 to be exact), they are not the first of their kind, they sound a bit flawed... and they are unashamed. These two have crystal clear voices, sounding somewhat unmarred but for the faint flats and sharps of wavering developing vocal chords. Might I call attention to the unusual strength their voices carry--as if their lungs have breathed in the strong, crisp Appalachian air.

Born into a musical family in Sweden, these girls were inspired by the folk music of Conor Oberst in Bright Eyes. It was only after they had established their crisp, folky, mountain-woman sound that they fell upon the band Fleet Foxes. The uncanny resemblance in stylings was indeed, a coincidence, yet the sisters joined the thousands of Fleet Foxes fans. (too many f's).

Enjoy another great track off their new album, The Big Black and the Blue: Wills of the River

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