Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jonsi, 4/13, 2010

There are things that happened tonight at this show that were, I swear, fashioned especially for me. Yet I would find it easy to believe that every fan tonight felt that in at least some way, this show was a personal issue, and maybe for a moment, they were the lone listener in a vacant venue. What an incredible experience! All of the songs [some I didn't recognize off the record] were crippling, of course. But snippets of the projections, just mere blips of animation, took my heart, wrapped it in silver, and handed it back to me, stitched and healing.
What more can I say? The visuals embodied the term “metamorphosis” and I am left contemplating all that I saw and heard for the next few months.

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  1. Gorgeous show in Portland... I got some shots that turned out OK.

    I was going to see him in Las vegas too (upcoming in late Oct '10), but my work plans changed. I had a photo pass for the LV show, too. :(

    So, you're in PDX. I'm in Eugene... I come up a lot for shows... if our musical paths cross, we should grab a drink. :)