Friday, August 27, 2010

Neat Song Friday [Double Whammy!]:: Silje Nes & Birgit Bidder

Hi kids! After a month long hiatus [the blogging life was just too hard...I needed a vaca...] I've returned with not one but TWO amazing ladies to showcase for neat song Friday. Good to be back. I promise I'll be posting regularly from now on.

First, Check out Stockholm's queenely Birgit Bidder. She has managed to cut a fine orchestral pop record called The Life Home (after some long awaited financial help from a family member). Her raspy, jazz-like vocals carry an endearing spunky attitude, and it's adorable. Her single "Parking Lot Paradise" is refreshing as it is familiar. There aren't too many twists and turns in this song, but its reliable offerings of ever-flowing pop coordinates are just too good to pass up.

Silje Nes
[made possible by Eardrums Music, MAP, and Fat Cat Records -- thank you!]

Hailing as property of Fat Cat Records is Silje Nes, the fragile Norwegian songstress with an ability to melt my cold, dead heart. [But not as much as my darling Ane Brun, who happens to be touring with Peter Gabriel at the moment.] --Ahem, where was I!!!
        On September 13th Silje will release her second album, Opticks. My first impression of her music was this: "Oh my god...a Norwegian Azure Ray."
        I'm sorry but this music messes with my head. I really enjoy the levels of simplicity that she's kept her sound at, while leaving space for movement and progression in each song. I also am keen on the slight vocal delay that she opens up with in the featured neat song: The Card House. Once this song gets rolling, with it's faint tambrourines, distorted lo-fi guitar fuzz and delicate glockenspiel, I find myself lost in between dreams and awake. [enjoy.]

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