Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Songs to Freeze To :: Seafire And It's Waltz

On this blatantly freezing day in Portland, I thought I'd share with you a bit of Portugese warmth. Things you could do with utmost joy whilst listening to this song include:
  • bake a pie
  • roast a beast
  • knit a sock
  • write a letter
  • people-watch
  • drink a cup of something hot
  • ride the bus
  • pet your cat
  • soft-shoe dance
  • play icy-sidewalk hopscotch
  • host a dinner party
  • play a prank on someone
 Emmy Curl lives in a northeast Portuguese town and has studied classic guitar in a music conservatory. Her voice is like a crystal pool of water.  I imagine myself mixing cocktails for guests while this song is playing. Enjoy ::  Seafire And It's Waltz and stay warm!

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