Monday, January 10, 2011

Dear Jamie,

This little playlist is dedicated to my dear friend and bandmate Jamie McMullen. We are both equally sensitive and insane, which makes for a fun friendship. I have posted some songs that I think she would like, but you can enjoy them too because I assume you're all top notch folks.
Hope you're having a lovely new year so far!

Jamie ---------------------Yours Truly

Greatest Thoughts : by Blue Roses
Autumn : by Big Scary
Rolling Down The Hills : by Glass Candy
It Is Not Meant To Be : by Tame Impala
A Clouded View : by Ola Podrida
Tomorrow : by Espers
Thanksgiving Moon : by DM Stith

1 comment:

  1. omg i love you more than the birds in the trees and the chickadees and the lovely novelties that the Lord has made us believe in the skies and the seas with all the novel-tine i drink in every day dream